SolarSystem® 275
SolarSystem® 275
SolarSystem® 275
SolarSystem® 275
SolarSystem® 275

SolarSystem® 275

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  • Replaces a 400-watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
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California LightWorks warrants that all our grow lights will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period.
Warranty period for SolarSystem® series: 5 years from date of purchase

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We also offer a full satisfaction 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on all our products.

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Please note that the SolarSystem 275 has 2-channel dimming, as opposed to 3 on the 550 and 1100 models. If you connect the SolarSystem Controller to this unit, the white channel will have no effect on this fixture. As a result, view mode will simply shut this light off. Please contact us if you're not sure if this fixture is right for you.The SolarSystem 275 is suited for commercial, greenhouse, and personal growers. Able to cover a 3 x 3 foot bloom area and 5 x 5 foot vegetative area, it draws a maximum of 200 watts, saving energy and cost. This LED grow light system provides all the benefits of programmable spectrum control, meaning an unlimited potential for all types of growing operations.Using all parts of the light spectrum focuses energy into wavelengths plants need to thrive.

This commercial greenhouse lighting solution promotes all key biochemical and biophysical processes and helps drive photosynthesis, a natural process in which plants draw energy from sunlight to grow. Its full-spectrum grow lights can be dynamically controlled to adapt to each individual operation and phase of the plant cycle.The SolarSystem 275 is not like ordinary greenhouse grow lamps. Heat output is minimal, and each of our horticulture LED lights can be used individually or chained together. It also requires little maintenance, so lifetime operating costs and convenience plus easy installation make your investment worthwhile.

SolarSystem® 275 Specifications

Programmable Spectrum Control Means Infinite Possibilities

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
robert pettit

Put the light in right before a final transplant and plants responded very well. Very happy with the performance so far. Start flowering in a week. Wish I had the money for another.

Samuel Tantalo
Great Light

Great light, better then I hoped for, leaves a big foot print for a small light. Very bright.

Billy Theodore
Most Excellent!!

The SolarSystem 275 is a most excellent product! Used without the spectrum controller, it proves more than capable in taking a grow from beginning to end. However, with the addition of the SolarSystem Controller, things can get really interesting. The ability to set a grow entirely by day/week/season, plus the capacity to vary the light spectrum multiple times within a single program, is -- to say the very least -- not bad, at all. Honestly, I think it's incredible. This non-bogus feature is unmatched elsewhere. The possibilities are endless. Overall, the SolarSystem 275 is a most triumphant grow light! Get one!

Angel Miranda
Best LED light

Awesome light fixture, lightweight, adjustable spectrum and schedule with the separate controller, it’ll save you tons of time
Great product, definitely would recommend

Jeffrey Stewart
Plug and Grow

Nice quality LED Grow Light that is easy to use and has many advanced features that can be used with the addition of the controller. Perfect light to add to some areas that need more illumination. Flexible and good band for your buck!

Barney Mayerson
Made in USA

Several things made me happy I bought my greenhouse light from CA Lightworks.
First; the Professional Support Staff; Adam Wolf in particular, was informative, patient and knowledgeable, explaining the options in detail and helping me feel comfortable I made the right choice.
Old Time Support Service like Adam and CA Lightworks is rare to find.
Second; the quality of the light is obvious; it is solid, is made well and the light covers the area it is supposed to.
Third: It is good to buy American.

Solar system 275

Well friends to tell them is my first time I use a California light work team and the truth that turned out to be a more than recommended product. I also got the controller to be able to control all stages and spectra of light. Thank you very much and I am very grateful.

Joe Private
Just like the 550

I use my 275 as an extension of my 550. Does great! I can see no difference except for the white light isn't there. It helped me extend my growing area by a couple of feet. Just what I was after! I'm a big fan of California Lightworks !! The 275 was worth the money for me!

Ron metcalf
SolarSysytem 275

Never seen growth so fast and healthy. Solid dense growth, no stretching. Used with controller, great value. I'm sold on these.

Awesome Customer Service

Ordered (1) SolarSystem 275 L.E.D. light and received my shipment fairly quickly. After unboxing, reading the directions and setting up the fixture I was done in less than 5 minutes. I noticed after day 2 of the light being hooked up and powered on through a timer for a cycle of 11 hours on and 13 hours off the black plastic end cap without the power plug side started to buckle from the heat of the lights. I contacted California Light Works and spoke with a gentleman named David who was very understanding and apologetic for the issue with the light. He sent me out a replacement side cap and new lens cover as well as an email link with directions on how to replace the part. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. A few days later I noticed that the same thing was happening to the newly replaced black end cap so I contacted David again and explained that the issue with the end cap buckling was happening again and I would like a replacement light. David was VERY UNDERSTANDING and shipped me out a new light that day. I received the new light the next morning with a shipping label email to send the old light back free of charge. The new light has been running for a few days now and I haven’t noticed any buckling of the end cap or any other negative issues with the light. I am very impressed with the power of the light and quality of the light fixture as well as the AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE this company offers. Thank You David & ALL THE STAFF @ CALIFORNIA LIGHT WORKS for such great energy saving products.