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California LightWorks Affiliate Program

Many of our valued community members have used their platforms to introduce our brand as a noteworthy leader in the LED grow light industry. So we established our new Affiliate Platform to demonstrate our appreciation for your advocacy. We are proud to have you as an affiliate of California LightWorks, and we are excited to share 5% of every sale that comes to us through your audience.  The California LightWorks Affiliate Program is simple: When you become an affiliate marketer, we provide a unique link to our website. This link is associated with your affiliate program account only.

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How It Works

Apply For the Program

First, review the Terms & Conditions for the platform. Then, fill out the form and submit it for review. Once you are approved as an affiliate marketer, you receive an email notification. On this notification, there is a link to your California LightWorks Affiliate Program dashboard.

Share Your Unique Link

You use this link any time you discuss California LightWorks products on your own site or social media. Every time a sale comes to us through your unique link, you earn a 5% commission.  This commission applies to every item in our collection.

Receive Your Commission

We automatically pay commissions on a monthly basis. There is no minimum balance. Whatever you’ve earned, you receive. All payments are made through PayPal, so be sure to set up a PayPal account when you sign up. 

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Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in joining the California LightWorks Affiliate Program, we’d love to have you onboard! Start the process here, then keep an eye on your email for your approval and dashboard link.

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