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SpectraMax Vertical 1000
SpectraMax Vertical 1000
SpectraMax Vertical 1000
SpectraMax Vertical 1000
SpectraMax Vertical 1000

SpectraMax Vertical 1000

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Introducing SpectraMax Vertical 1000, the latest LED grow light from California Lightworks. Customize timing, intensity, and spectrum for each stage of growth using its programmable digital spectrum control. This robust fixture offers 2485 µMoles/s PPF and over 1700 µMoles/m2/s PPFD over a 4’ X 4’ tray. The SMV-1000 features high-efficiency Osram LED diodes with a lifespan of over 100,000 hours.
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Serious Lights For Serious Growers

We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best performing LED grow lights for the serious grower.

SolarSystem® Series
Up to 50% less energy and heat and never a bulb to change.
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Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights
SolarXtreme® Series
Offers the best results for all phases of growth in a single fixture.
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Horticultural Lighting Reinvented

MEGADRIVE® Centralized Power LED Systems

Experience Unparalleled Results with Our Revolutionary MegaDrive Technology. Eliminate the Need for Canopy Drivers and Electrical Power Connections, Reducing Fixture and Installation Costs.

MegaDrive® Series
Love Buds in Love County

Love Buds in Love County is a family-owned and operate cultivator and processor located in Love County, Oklahoma. We have equipped their commercial grow with our most powerful LED Grow lights on the market. Take a look at SolarSystem 550, 550 Veg, 1100, UVB, and controller all in action.

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