Refurbished SolarXtreme®  500
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  500
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  500
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  500
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  500
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  500
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  500

Refurbished SolarXtreme® 500

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California LightWorks warrants that all our grow lights will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period.
Warranty period for SolarSystem® series: 5 years from date of purchase

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We also offer a full satisfaction 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on all our products.

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We have a small stock of these older generation SolarXtreme fixtures that we are offering as refurbished for a significant discount.  These are new units but use the older generation direct AC COBs that we have discontinued earlier in 2022.  These come with the same 3-year warranty as the latest generation SolarXtremes. 

The lights works the same way.  They are easy-to-use full-spectrum LED grow lights designed especially for grow tents and smaller-scale home growing. 

This SolarXtreme 500 covers and area of around 9-12 square feet and it's a great light for the price.

These are a more practical, safer alternative to small 400W HPS or MH type lights.  Priced much lower than typical LEDs, these fixtures put out a full spectrum suitable for all phases of growth without the need for adjusting.

These horticultural LED lights suit different types of growing operations. If you’re looking for full-spectrum LED lights to use indoors, this is a great solution for you.

The SolarXtreme draws 400 watts with a maximum current of 3.3 amps at 120 volts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
New old stock solar extreme 500 sold as refurb

I purchased my first solar extreme 500 about two years ago and was very pleased with my yields. When the new old stock solar extreme 500s were being sold at about half the price of the one I originally purchased, I jumped at it. I now have two set up in 4x8 tent. They have been incredible. I wish I could post a pic of my current grow. I have four plants that completely fill the tent. They are bulking up very nicely.

Carroll Overton
What a great light and company.

REFURBISHED SOLARXTREME® 500 I am running one Refurbished and one Solarxtreme 500 that is not refurbished. You can't tell the different between the two. These lights are the best on the market, I am also running an older 600 watt. Led light. My grow room is 4' X 8' and i grow Hydro. My last crop that I just harvested two weeks ago, My lowest yield was 400 grams on one plant, 450 grams on one, and 552 grams on one.. Best yield was 602 grams on my best Lady. Thats 71.4 oz thats almost 4.5 lbs in one grow Unbelievable I was impressed If you have any question about these lights look at the results.
I have been cultivating for 35 to 40 years so i have used all kinds of lights, these are by far the BEST!!!! Thanks California Light Works customer for life.

Sean Dorsett
Great Light

Love the SolarXtreme 500 light and the style. I hooked it up and I was able to see a difference with my plants by day 3. The only negative thing I can say is the light runs a lil hot but I made some adjustments to my fans and vents then everything was back to normal. All and all great light and I will buy another one when its time.

Extreme 500 supplemental light

These lights are top notch, I highly recommend ! Built extremely well... using them as supplemental lighting for veggies and they are working as advertised; within a week I could see the change in my plants. If the first week is an indicator of what to expect, the winter months in the Ghouse are going to be exceptional.

Anthony Lamartina
500 watt solar extreme

The light is so awesome I had to buy another one the customer service tho not so great I sent multiple emails asking if there was a way to join the 2 lights I have together and they just keep sending me emails to review the company well here ya go here is your review

Hello Anthony,
No, there is not a way to join two lights together. Thanks for asking!

This light is the tits!

So I've only been growing for about a year, but this is my 5th light (3rd LED). each light was an upgrade over the one prior...this one is a keeper just based on the price point alone! while I wasn't experiencing issues with my plants prior to making this purchase, I could SEE the results within an hr after installing this light. the ladies love it. its small, doesn't produce much heat, affordable, attractive even. im running 4 dwc 5 gallon buckets in a non-airconditioned 5x5.5' closet. i have a 6" AC Exhaust fan. ambient is 71 in the house, 73 om the closet. If I needed a 400w LED light again, i wouldn't hesitate to buy another one of these. thanks CLW!

Chris Pages
HID to LED...

Made the switch! Changed out my 400W HID (MH/HPS) (a trusty, decade old light system) for a Refurbished SolarXtreme 500. Initial observations: 1) the SolarXtrme-500 is easier to hang and adjust because it's lighter then an HID hood, 2) the SolarXtreme-500 is quieter then an adjustable 6" in-line fan, 3) From the plant growth progress - they plants seem to like the SolarXtreme-500 light-spectrum. So after a couple of months of use, thus far, all is good. Ultimate and final question is - longevity. Will the SolarXtreme-500 hold up over time. I hope so, but time will tell... :)

Thomas Moran
Too Good!!

So I was looking for a new grow light and came across this light. I love it. But as a waring this thing puts off major heat. Had to upgrade my intake system to handle the heat.

Shannon Elder
Excellent light

I upgraded to this light from a 300 watt bar light. The difference is astounding. This thing illuminates the whole bottom of the tent. It truly can handle a 4x4 for flower. There is no power control so you adjust the light by raising and lowering it. Make sure your exhaust fan is working good because even with the on board fan it is pretty hot. I love this light and will be adding the uvb attachment as well.

Starr Gordon
SolarXtreme 500 Refurbished

Two thumbs up to California Lightworks! The refurbished SolarXtreme 500 looks & performs exactly as the new SolarExtreme 500 I purchased earlier in the year. And it has the same tree year warranty! If you have the chance to grab one of these, you won’t be sorry. They sell out extremely fast, so don’t hesitate.
In my opinion, it’s the best value on the market!