SolarXtreme®  250
SolarXtreme®  250
SolarXtreme®  250
SolarXtreme 250 - California LightWorks
SolarXtreme®  250
SolarXtreme®  250
SolarXtreme®  250
SolarXtreme®  250

SolarXtreme® 250

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California LightWorks warrants that all our grow lights will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period.
Warranty period for

SolarXtreme® series: 3 Years from date of purchase

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All New SolarXtreme® Series

The new SolarXtreme range of full-spectrum LED grow lights from California Lightworks features our exclusive Optigrow® light spectrum which offers the best results for all phases of growth in a single fixture. Optigrow® has been specially formulated and tested to give the best results in while offering full power for bloom and high yields. Available from 200 to 800 watts, SolarXtreme is designed to give professional results at home at a very affordable cost.

The SolarXtreme 250 is one of our easiest to use full-spectrum LED grow lights. Designed especially for grow tents and smaller scale home growing, this low-power grow light system draws just 200 watts with a maximum current of 1.6 amps at 120 volts.

The SolarXtreme series features a COB (chip on board) design and utilizes a direct AC drive, so LED drivers are not needed. This enables high-efficiency LEDs to be used, at a much lower cost than traditional LEDs. Users, therefore, benefit from full-spectrum grow lights that accommodate all stages of plant growth and flowering for many types of indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers. No adjustments are needed during the growing cycle.

SolarXtreme 250
Optigrow Full Spectrum

Our horticultural LED lights have been developed based on years of research and knowledge of photosynthesis and biological processes. The SolarXtreme 250 represents a convenient innovation in indoor LED grow lights suited for smaller cultivations and users who wish to conserve on power draw.

Customer Reviews

Based on 247 reviews
250 grow light

Works fantastic. I had another type prior and I spent alot of time trying to fix issues with my plants. Turns oit I only needed a quality light.
Thanks for making an affordable light for small grow spaces.

Rudy M
Excellent output!

I have a 4*2 grow tent and the 250 is sized right for it. I have three plants going strong, and they show no signs of stress, only joie de vivre. I previously had (still have) but no longer use a SolarExtreme 500, which is way too powerful for a 4*2.

Jeff B
The only light you should use!

This is my second one to expand my system, and I couldn’t be more happier with the results I’m getting.

SolarXtreme 250

I thought I would purchase the SolarXtreme 250 and give it a try. I already own and use the Solar System 275 & I’m very happy with this dependable lighting system but I was looking for a secondary light to trade off with. So far I am very impressed with the light. It works wonderfully and definitely gets the job done. I like that I can put the light closer to the plants without burning them. I did find it interesting that the l.e.d.’s were a bright white color versus the SolarSystem’s blue, purple & red colored l.e.d.’s…. Either way these lights are definitely awesome. Thank You California Light Works, Keep up the great engineering of these awesome L.E.D.’S…

Robert Wilson
Purchased a second

Just bought a second 250. Now receiving lots of g-mail about a new improved version. Very happy with the lights. Wish I had waited as California Lightworks says it's now brighter with added lights. Now I know it's inferior 🤔

Great little (big) light

Ran 2 in a 3×3.. It does very well. Just under g/watt. Fixing to replace one as has been several years since purchasing. This is the company I am sticking with..California Lightworks really do work great.California Lightworks has been proven best in my humble opinion

wes ing
Solar extreme 250

Good little light so far. Havent ran ot long enough to compare apples to apples from the light I was using but so far, almost a month, it seems to be about the same as my previous light of a different brand.

Cambria Roberts
Super bright

Just received my new light plugged it in it's extremely bright as advertised came packaged extremely well with box in box packaging really impressed by that really impressed by the build of the light appearance overall is great will write another review after I get it hooked up and see how my plants are adjusting to it


Great light

Augustus Fleming
My Second Solar Extreme 250

I bought my first 250 a couple years ago. I recently added a second to fully utilize the floor space. I feel that buying a second light is the best positive review.