SolarSystem® 1100
SolarSystem® 1100
SolarSystem® 1100
SolarSystem® 1100
SolarSystem® 1100
SolarSystem® 1100
SolarSystem® 1100

SolarSystem® 1100

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  • Replaces 1000-watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
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Warranty period for SolarSystem® series: 5 years from date of purchase

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  • The SolarSystem 1100 (SS 1100) represents the most powerful horticulture LED lights we’ve ever made. The SS 1100 is lightweight yet puts out more light than much larger LED grow lights and will replace a 1000-watt HPS system. Powerful enough for veg or bloom, the SS 1100 features fully programmable spectrum control with the optional SolarSystem Controller.
  • This grow light system enables 0 to 100% dimming of commercial LED grow lights. It also offers a large 5’ x 5’ bloom coverage area and 8’ x 8’ foot vegetative coverage area. A high efficiency of 2.23 umol/j and 0–800-W power consumption contributes to efficient growing operations. Light output from our full spectrum grow lights promotes photosynthesis at all stages of growth and a comfortable environment to assess and maintain crops.

    Linked together in a series, SS 1100 large LED lights can cover any size grow area—large or small—while drastically cutting energy usage and eliminating the need to change bulbs—ever. These commercial grow lights are ideal for maximizing yield in small growing operations and continue to meet your operational needs as your business grows.

    SolarSystem® 1100 Specifications

    Programmable Spectrum Control Means Infinite Possibilities

    1000w HPS vs SolarSystem 1100
    Swell Farms in Arizona

    The SolarSystem 1100 (SS-1100) represents the most powerful horticulture LED lights we’ve ever made. The SS 1100 is lightweight yet puts out more light than much larger LED grow lights and will replace a 1000-watt HPS system. See how the SS-1100 stacks up!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 44 reviews
    doyle honeycutt
    great light system.

    love this system.replaced four 1500 king lights with this.

    Rick Gregg
    Light On

    Third SS1100 I've purchased. Excellent lights, no regrets. Thank You California LightWorks!!

    Brian Fadely

    Was skeptical spending this much on a grow light. This thing is amazing and send the light meters off the charts . I will definitely buy from this company again. Prompt shipping and kept me attune to delivery schedule .

    Samuel Tantalo
    Great Light.

    I have this next to a brand new Kind XL1000 WiFi. The SS1100 makes the Kind look dim. I also bought the UVB bulbs and, a SS275. Nice products.

    I'm impressed

    Results speak for greenhouse plants are twice as big as my outside garden...from the same germination....Its a huge difference..I'm very happy with the 1100 light. I have one in a 120 ft. Greenhouse 👍

    James Searcy
    Sweet Light

    Have never been a fan of LED lights, but my current space called for a transition and all I can say thus far is sweet light if you have everything that goes with it. No onboard controls... have to order the light AND controller. The plants seem to be responding to and loving it.

    Jay Randolph

    I set up using a CLW controller and went for a sunrise / sunset ramp-up. I started with the recommended "veg" intensities. After a couple weeks, I could see the test subjects were shorter and more compact than the same strain under full spectrum light. I decided to increase all 3 spectrums to 99%. Within a couple days more vertical and horizontal growth is being observed. I'll use the recommended spectrum to finish.
    Overall I'd say compared to MH or HPS the 1100 Solar System is providing a better spectrum with less heat, so I'm very satisfied.
    I've ordered a companion Solar System 550 with additional controller to use for starting and early veg. The 1100 will be switched to 12 / 12 in about 2 or 3 weeks.
    Excellent quality, quiet fans and should last a lifetime. Thanks, JR

    Victor Ramirez
    Awesome Light!!!!

    Working really good plants are loving the light, can’t wait till harvest🤙🏻

    Matt R
    Second purchase

    The 1100’s run a great deal hotter than quantum boards, but have plenty of power for flower cycle. Power to spare; solid build quality... not a fan of the spectrum controller as it’s fairly old tech, but enjoy the features it offers. I offer enjoy being able to tether these lights to run off one timer/controller. Advice: Make sure you have ventilation to spare and watch your hanging distance!! This thing will bleach bud tips and burn leaves if you’re not careful.

    Douglas Smith

    Thank you for the opportunity to review your product. This light is amazing. I have not begun to use it to its fullest potential but what I have done so far has got me hooked. The low temperature operation along with high output has made growing indoors a very pleasant experience. If I stay on course I will have the most amazing floral display next spring. Additionally, the fabrication of this light is the best I have seen, ever.