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Heat heat heat

Solar system 1100 in a 5x5 with controller. No way to manage heat in a tent without an ac. Sorry guys this is a huge fail. Even with an exhaust fan and two ocilating fans . this light spikes the temp to over 100 degrees. Way to expensive for such poor heat displacement.

Game Changer!!

This light is the way to go!! It has made a huge difference in bud formation (better light coverage) as well as during veg, leveling the canopy overall.. My girls absolutely love it!! It is a bit costly.. But, the response is just WOW!!
Energy costs, heat,etc.. Not to mention the excellent support from California light works. Overall, has been a game changer for me..


Big difference!! This has made life much easier. Touch screen controller for smooth transitions, automatic sunrise/sunset ... Spectrum control.. No more timers, ballast, etc.. I use it with a SpectraMax 1000. Setting it up was very easy, no problem, a few minutes to fiure it out .. Game changer for me..

275 Up and running

Set up a 275 with controller in a 3x3 tent with developed seedlings. Have program set up using recommendations from CLW manual since I'm new to this technology. Controller very easy to set up. Let's see what happens!

Nailed it

First off quality is amazing, this is not your cheap internet tent. This will take you a while to set up but very easy just take your time. The attention to detail for indoor growing is the best I've seen or used. You guys nailed it best 4x4 tent on the market. Paired with solar system 550 and controller.

SolarXtreme® 500
Brandon Sours

SolarXtreme® 500

Efficient & Effective

Great light, plants love it. Spectrum and brightness control and programming are big pluses. Definitely better with the spectramax controller.

SolarXtreme® 500
Ward Gravel
Happy plants

My orchids are all smiling with my new light! After just a few weeks I’m seeing new growth. It’s far superior to the CF light I’ve used for 20 years. There seems to be an intermittent whistle associated with the fixture but I’m in the process of isolating the cause. Very pleased overall!

The Best

Always perfect with CaliLightWorks ❤️

Straight forward easy to set up

Going to connect to the solar system 275. Pretty straight forward to set up. Looking forward to using with some photoperiod seeds when delivered.

SolarSystem 550

I unboxed the SX500, plugged it in, let it run nonstop for 6 weeks. I never really got to touch, feel [tactilely take in...] the industrial design and build of this family of product... is so impressive to look at, hold. (my) gushing over a light... shaking my head. I spent a day enjoying, wrapping my mind around the SS550 + ctrl = It was so straight forward to program, set up and use. I read the comments section beforehand and picked up many good points, thanks to everyone here. I am running the SS550 at reduced power letting my ladies acclimate to new / different light source. Beautiful products CLW!

SolarSystem 550 + ctrl

Honestly I was little concerned about this portion of the collective of parts. I am burnt out on funky, convoluted menus... think Apple TV, etc. I really like the simplicity of using the SX500, plug and play... set-up and getting around the controller was (unexpectedly) straight forward, very glad I bought it. At this point, I am not sure I could easily explain how to program... but feel fluid in doing so, navigating it makes sense, learning by feel... more than by operational manual. First impression are great.

**The SS550 and controller were packed so well, came a day before the listed delivery, was an easy selection, purchase, delivery and set-up were so easy. KUDOS CLW!!!

SolarSystem® UVB
Excellent Supplemental Lighting

There is definitely a noticeable increase in frost and coloration during the fade after putting this light alongside my Solar Extreme 500. I've come to expect excellent build quality and impressive results from California Light Works and this supplemental light is no different.

SolarSystem® UVB
Jamey Michaels
250 watt light

One of the best Cobb lights on the market, excided my expectations.

Spectramax 750

What a Great light. Very Bright light. I have it at 75% and it is plenty of light. Also using C.L.W. controller. Love Both products.

Outstanding quality of light

I am stunned by the results of this product... As a photographer, I liked "the look / feel", the quality of light, from the first time I powered up the SolarXtreme 500, it made sense to my senses... the plants [understandably] love it. I just ordered a SolarSystem 550 and controller... take the lighting options up a few notches. The 500 is great for general purpose (would like a few more), the 550+ctl will round out my options further, with UVB to follow...

**I have never had such success, uniformity, rapid growth ...from seedlings... with a type of "leaf loft", outward tips reaching towards the light, but plant remaining bushy, not becoming spindly.

I will never use another company for a LED fixture

SolarXtreme® 500
Sean Williams
Better then MH and HP

I purchased sx500 and uvb attachment got them on the 420 sale, 30% off only took like 4 days to get here. Everything works great when I need another light I'm buying it here, thanks for the great deal CLW

SolarSystem® 550
Michael W.
Love this light!

This light is everything I had hoped for and more. Glad I got the controller too, it's really a must have to get the most out of this light. Outstanding performance for my plants and I'm only two weeks into the grow cycle. Can't wait to see how she performs during flowering. Got a great deal on the 420 sale and couldn't be happier with my new California LightWorks SS550.


I have been growing auto flowers for years outside. Starting growing indoors and struggled with many lights until now. This light and controller are hands down the best. Auto's exploded with this combo. On my fourth run and still killing it. Will never buy another brand again.

SolarXtreme® 500
Cindy Hill
Full Spectrum light working well

This is my first full spectrum LED growlight. After first 30 days My plants are looking healthy and Big ! So far so good 👍

SpectraMax Vertical 1000
Hector Gonzalez
SpectraMax 1000

Great product. Perfect for a 5x5 grow tent. The adjustable spectrum on the light fixture makes it so nice. The controller is a must have for this set up. The light is hanging 2 inches from the top of the tent and no need to have to raise it up or down. Two plants are flowering and are touching the light with no burning on any of the leaves at R80 % and W80%.

SolarXtreme® 500
Jackie L Wood
Starting anew 🤗👍🏻

My order is awesome,very pleased with quality, I did leave a message with Steve though-one of the lights did not have the hooks to hang the light with,only the electrical cord was in the plastic bag 🤷 but I made my own hooks 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

SolarXtreme® 250
Jessica Reid
Great lights

The light arrived on time and my plant seems to be doing well with it so far! My only complaint is that they are cheaper now then what I paid...

SolarXtreme® 500
David Kropp

Great product.