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SolarSystem® 550
Angel Ramos

The build and quality of the light hands down is 100% i also purchased the controller was a little difficult to program but there is a video on you tube that can navigate you.I had to watch it a few times electronics was not my major.I have a mars hydro and ac infinity they are both good as well but this light takes the crown American made !!!!!!!

SolarSystem® UVB
Rick Haynes

Fantastic product - incorporates easily with the Solar Xtreme lights, simple instructions, easy to use, and has great effects on trichome production & quality
wood recommend ever one get it you wont be disappointed i repeat you wont be disappointed

SolarXtreme® 500
Todd Ricci
Better than I ever could have imagined…

We had a horrible drought here in the Northeast all Summer.Now into that time all it does is rain.Brought the girls in and let’s just say they actually did better under the extreme than outside.Amazing very happy!Solid 10!

The key to the system

The controller is what unleashes the Solar System. The ability to change spectrums through seedlings, veg, flower, finish, and the transitions in between is something that I never thought would be possible as a HPS grower. The view button, to view your girls under white light only is fantastic. And the sunrise and sunset feature is great. This is truly next generation stuff!! I own two of them.


I started with a Solar System 275 and liked it so much I upgrade to the 550. It is built like a tank! And I love having 3 spectrums with the ability to control them. Plants love it!


The UVB light seems very well made and I am excited to put it to use. It is early for this review, because I won't turn it on for another week. And what everyone wants to know is will it increase my trichomes and THC. I will turn it on at 5 weeks of bud cycle and run it 6 hrs a day for the last 3 weeks as suggested. Will try to update with results when finished.
It gets a 5 star for now for being well made and looking good!

not sure yet

they look great and are install where I want them. no power yet. little to early to review.

Superior Product, Service, and Results.

I'm an old school HPS/MH...I've read, researched, and read again about LEDs. I suggest you do the same and not rely on the reviews...I've now invested in 3 CLW lights. They are superior products. I'm a discerning individual. This is science and art to me. CLW lights are paramount in my experience is 20 years plus. The only glitch you'll experience is hanging height because their so darn powerful. Make sure you have the height because normal rules don't apply to these lights. This is a good thing people because you don't have to play around with mediocrity.
Just try one....
Packaging and Shipping is expeditious, safe and secure.
Kudos CLW
Repeat Customer

SolarXtreme® 250
Andres Rocha
Great quality and design.

I have been using california lightworks ever since the solar flar series and the quality and growth results have always been amazing. Now I use the solar system and the solar extreme which give me even better results while still running cool and efficiently.

SolarXtreme® 1000 UVB
david apperley
love it.

this is a best light i have ever had. i got twice the crop as normal. well, well worth the money AND IT IS MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE U.S.A. GREAT COMPANY AND SERVICE

Great addition

Lovely light works as advertised

SolarSystem® UVB
Yardo Miskovitch

Hard to believe this is only 24 watts A bomb of a light

Great addition to my room!

UVB kit arrived promptly and in good shape. Stellar buying experience.
And the results? Well, I recommend you see for yourself. You will be more than satisfied.

SolarXtreme® 500
Gerald Vaughn

Works great ! Let’s go Brandon

Very Efficient Light

After getting a very high electric bill I knew I needed to surrender my 600 watt cmh and get going with LED.
I looked around and decided to invest in a solar system 275 as a replacement. I would say the 275 is about as bright as the CMH less about 10% but the electric bill is drastically lower! Honestly the ROI for me should be about a month. Hope they do a 30% off sale soon so I can purchase 4 more off these things! Great light solid investment you can’t go wrong here.

The brains of my artificial sun.

This controller makes indoor lighting so much better with the tweak ability of spectrums. Plus sunrises and sunsets make your growing so much happier and more natural. Thanks so much CLW.

And another

This is an additional light. Product speaks for itself. Price is outstanding, it’s a no brainer if you grow cannabis. Three harvests under these lights.

SolarXtreme® 500
James Scott
Great Light

Very nice product for the price.

SolarSystem® 1100
Derek Maruszewski
Best lights ever

Excellent lights, great results, customer service is incredible.

Sweet system !

In a small 2 X 3 space with HPS, I was having big trouble with heat and running up the power bill trying to keep it cool. This little beauty cured those problems! My room is running so cool now, I can't believe the difference. It's only been a few weeks, but the plants look absolutely perfect. Just as happy as could be and growing fast! Glad I got the controller and can dim specific light spectrums and change them through veg and bloom. It's awesome, I want another one already! lol And Adam was great to work with!
Thanks CLW

SolarSystem 550 UVB Love it!!!

I have 2 SolarSystem 550 with UVB and controller. This system completely exceeded my expectations, great to contour the light needs and brightness, even for a beginner!! Can’t say enough good about these lights.


Makes a very noticeable difference in smell and intensity.
Love my UVB !!


Perfect little light for our first little grow tent. As an amateur the simplicity and reliability has yielded an amazing product on our first attempt.

SolarSystem® 550
joseph martinez
Best light ever

I have 3 wow what a set up.

SolarXtreme® 500
Brett Chance

Had some plants out side already flowering put them inside under my new solar extreme 500 12 hr on 12 off and getting great results...very satisfied!!