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SolarSystem® Controller
Newbie trying it out

This is our first use of a light controller. So far so good.

I would say its not entirely intuitive, and honestly haven't figured it out in its entirety. I've heard the youtube video helps a ton on that, just haven't had the chance to dig into it too far.

I do like it, lights run much warmer than our others which has required some adjustment.


if your looking for an amazing light this is it. perfect for 3x3 or 4x4 grow tents. I’ve been growing indoors for decades. This light is hands down the best light out of many i have owned. you will notice a difference in your plants immediately.

SolarXtreme® 500
Christian Demers
quality light

the quality is good and so bright. My 1st light has been going for 3 years and is just as good, far better than any of china LED on amazon.

SolarSystem® UVB Kit

SolarSystem® UVB
Chris Muller

I use 3 of these over a 4 x 8 area. One light is hang underneath each (in the middle of the led rack where no leds are) of two Gavita 17oos. The third is in the middle between the two led racks. The reason is terp enhancement. On for two hours during mid light cycle the last three weeks of flower.

SolarSystem® 550
Edward Johnson

SolarSystem® 550

SolarSystem® Controller
Manuel Silveira
Best controller

Best controller out there and it works with the new lamp also


I love this light and so do my plants.
I didn’t know what to expect when ordering from California light works. I gave it a try and extremely happy with the product. I would like to try some more their products when I’m ready to upgrade my other lights.

Love it

Awesome light brightens my whole grow room.

SolarXtreme® 500
Daniel Saunkeah

I researched this company for a couple of weeks before deciding on the 500 and I had no idea what I was in for. Now I am upgrading the rest of my setup to accommodate the power of this light. Quality product, built well and one of the brightest LED lights I have ever seen. The fans run quiet, the heatsink works as intended, overall a top notch light, I highly recommend.

SolarSystem® 550
Manuel Silveira
I love this lamp

This is the second one of these that i've purchased, i got a fluence spydr between them, but the fluence ballast are crap, soo i decided to stick to what has worked.

Surprisingly surprised

Am thoroughly impressed by how light has performed over last 3 weeks. My initial experience of led lights was from those led ufo lights decade and a half ago, there has been an amazing amount of advancements in those years. Switching from 400 watt hps light to the solar extreme 500 I am very happy with it. Quality of build is impressive. Will have to see how flower goes for final assessment.

SolarSystem® UVB
Joseph Sveda

Have not used yet

Great Compant

I was gifted a 1100 solar system light with the controller. There was problems with the controller. CLW worked with me to try & fix it, but it didn't work. I received a discount & purchased a new one. No more problems. Thanks CLW.

Impressed Again

I just got this Spectramax 1000
I already see a marked improvement on bud development down at the lower levels of the plant!
I have bought knockoff LED lights they look bright to me but they don’t produce buds like these lights do!
Thank you

Bought Extra

Purchased 4 extra bulbs for lights. Good thing, one light had a defective bulb. CLW packed them in sleeves, bubble wrapped. They came undamaged.

40 days out

3 SS-550s, 4x8 tent (25amp circuit handles ALL)
Tent temp 78° - 82°, everything full on.

corner to corner light coverage, no shadow around object on floor. Seedling stage from sprout to seedling produced really healthy trueform plants. Kinda stupid to buy the lights without the controller. Makes all the difference.

SolarXtreme® 250
Joseph Kunes
Package was drenched by rain.

I rate the model as 4 or 5, it would be a 5 STAR rating if there was an on/off switch. Possibly, on unit or incorporated into unit’s detachable electrical cord.
This review is only for this specific 2nd unit.
I am waiting for unit to dry out in a low humidity level of 30-45 days.
The day of delivery we had scattered rain storms of several inches of precipitation from downpours.
I found online advice that emphasized not powering unit until in a dry environment of 30+ days.

A sturdy bright grow light that is perfect for a 3×3 area. Glad I made this purchase and thank you to all the people who made this possible.

Refurb Solar Extreme

I am happy with the light, it does the job and the price is great. I will say that I have the old school Solar Flares for around around 10 years now and they run cooler, quieter and fantastic for Veg. They are still working as good as the day I purchased them. Very high quality. Hope the Solar Extreme holds up as well. California Lightworks is a really good company to work with.

I like it so far

Seems like it's doing just fine, I'll know in a couple weeks

Getting back

Will it's been couple of years. Plus I purchased a competitor light. I found that the controller makes it so much more versatile. Sorry that I didn't buy another California Light.

Essential Component. Endless Possibilities (f you want light spectrum info)

Otherwise YouTube search: California Light Works for videos on how to program the controller.

The controller has a book with recommended settings. Has a 14' rj11 and a 6-7' for chain. Fourteen footer allowed a comfortable mount outside tent. Each light has a chain cable in its box. Don't forget to switch lights to controller mode.

Tested OK, then programmed the entire 1st grow for new setup before hanging lights. Also typed file w/RWB, hanging height settings and special actions during each phase. Times and such are user preferences. Too bad there is no book of light spectrums and grow requirements around the world. This puppy can mimic it!

The Controller is essential to your grow. Get over inferior LEDs blue,pink,red channels.

SolarSystem® UVB
Mickeal Harvey
Very noticeable difference

Purchased the light and it arrived during the beginning of week 4. I hung it above the Gavita 1700E about 3 feet above the canopy (Shane from MIGRO recommendation) ran it for 15 mins every hour now I'm entering week 8 I've increased it to 30mins each hour. I have my VPD dialed in so there aren't any volatile combustion of terpenes until you rub up against them and then the smell is amazing😍 My pineapple express really smells like pineapples lol. They are oozing with trichs. This light is OUTSTANDING and very well priced. I'll be purchasing two more for a 4x8 setup with Two Plantmax G6 controlled by a TELOS Mesh controller with these UVB at incremental burst is key my friend. 💪🏿👨🏿‍🌾

SolarSystem® 550
Robert Lee Hinojosa
550 in a 3x4

Plants are loving this light, they're going off. Controller is awesome!