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SolarSystem® UVB
Michael Patrick
Impressive results immediately!

Ended up receiving the light perfectly timed at last 2 weeks of flower and the results were dramatically improved trichome development, pistol hairs more pronounced thicker longer and both strains getting purple fade within 2 nights only using light 3 hrs per night!. Both strains ive grown prior never had the purple buds and nowere near the frost factor as these have. Its been one week so far and one more left just going to stay with 3 hrs a light cycle in conjunction with my Green Sunshine V3. Also don't go in room with light on i literally got an accidental sun tan on my face just from light off the reflective wall less than 5 minutes messing with my pump. But very happy with the buy never had buds so greasy and iced out as this🤪🤙

SolarXtreme® 250
SolarXtreme 250

I thought I would purchase the SolarXtreme 250 and give it a try. I already own and use the Solar System 275 & I’m very happy with this dependable lighting system but I was looking for a secondary light to trade off with. So far I am very impressed with the light. It works wonderfully and definitely gets the job done. I like that I can put the light closer to the plants without burning them. I did find it interesting that the l.e.d.’s were a bright white color versus the SolarSystem’s blue, purple & red colored l.e.d.’s…. Either way these lights are definitely awesome. Thank You California Light Works, Keep up the great engineering of these awesome L.E.D.’S…

Up graded from Solar Extreme 500s

This is my 4th light from Ca Lightworks and and my first Solar System light. I'm 4 wks into a new grow and the girls seem to really like the variable spectrum and intensity. The controller gives a lot of control over the light and is easy to program and adjust. The light and controller are top notch in design and construction and the company has great customer service. They shipped it in one day and it arrived in sturdy packaging, well protected from possible damage. Highly recommend the light systems and company. An 8ft power cord option would be great.

Stellar- As Always!

This is now my 3rd California Lightworks LED grow light. I bought my first Solar Storm 440 in 2015. I then added a second 440 in 2017. I've been more than happy with my Solar Storms and with the support I've received from California Lightworks. Not only are their lights very well made- they're made here in the USA, which was a big selling point for me.

These lights have been great but I've always disliked the purple/pinkish light it put out. Don't get me wrong- I grew massive buds with those two units for years and they were solid workhorses, but it was time for an upgrade.

Enter the SolarXtreme 1000. Granted, I've only had it in for about 3 weeks, I am more than impressed with the light it puts out. Heat output is relatively low, keeping the "lights on" temps around 70 degrees in my tent. I'll be starting a new grow in a few weeks and can't wait to see how it does. Currently, it's lighting my small citrus, fig and avocado trees before they get rotated outside now that warmer weather is finally upon us. The lime tree is in the process of fruiting, as is the fig tree- both are setting fruit without any issues.

I can't wait to run my next medical grow with this light!

SolarSystem® 1100

I usually research meticulously prior to making a significant purchase and my research led me to the Solar System 1100. These lights exceeded my every expectation and combined with the UVB, my yield and quality continues to impress.

Well done!

SolarSystem® 1100
Chad Aurentz
Great Product

We have been running there lights for 4 years now and couldn’t be happier with the results. Having control of the spectrum is so critical to producing a premium product.


Only been using for a few weeks on a new crop in my 4x4 tent.Things definitely seem to be growing faster with the new light. It does run hott so I ditched the 4” exhaust fan for a 6” with double the cfm . Problem solved . I also bought a 250 for my 2x4 tent . For some reason I feel 2 of the 250’s will run cooler than the one 500 lol …. Anyways great product ! I’ll see in a couple months if it was worth the upgrade ✌️

SolarXtreme® 250
Robert Wilson
Purchased a second

Just bought a second 250. Now receiving lots of g-mail about a new improved version. Very happy with the lights. Wish I had waited as California Lightworks says it's now brighter with added lights. Now I know it's inferior 🤔


Very bright, hurt my eyes to look right at it. Have not used to grow any tomatoes yet.

Great little (big) light

Ran 2 in a 3×3.. It does very well. Just under g/watt. Fixing to replace one as has been several years since purchasing. This is the company I am sticking with..California Lightworks really do work great.California Lightworks has been proven best in my humble opinion

Solar extreme 250

Good little light so far. Havent ran ot long enough to compare apples to apples from the light I was using but so far, almost a month, it seems to be about the same as my previous light of a different brand.

SolarXtreme® 500
David Gornak
SolarXtreme 500

Ordered this product for some herbs I was growing, the light was sent out the next day and around very quickly. so the far the light is working very well, no issues. I would definitely order another light.

SolarSystem® 275
Dale Cummings
Absolute best!

As a grower that grew up in an age of ballast and bulbs my solar 275 is the best. I have a small closet starting 10 plants to move out to the greenhouse. Power use is minimal, heat is barely notable but more importantly the spectrum of light has produced better growth than the real sun without worry of frost, and nosey visitors. I highly recommend this lighting system to any grower for seedlings or to grow to maturity. You will not be disappointed!

Made a believer out me

Lots of research. Novice grower…glad I made the choice to switch to CaliLightworks Solarextreme from HPS. Veg and begining flower with results better than expected. Heat,
negligible. Fans quiet. These are used in a 8x4 tent. Look forward to trying the Solar System series in the future.

SolarSystem® Controller
Anthony Cespedes
these lights are Trash

Times have changed, the Super Closet is an automated Grow system that works MIRACLES, these California Lightworks are for OLDSCHOOL OUT OF DATE SETUPS THAT ARE HIGHLY STRICKEN WITH TRAIL AND ERROR AND FAILURE, EITHER BUY a GROBO automated system or the Super Ckoset Automated system and never purchase from California Lightworks ever again

Is there something wrong that I can help you with?
I am having trouble following your “review”. It seems like you’re submitting a commercial for another product.

Supplemental UV-B lamps

Fantastic product - incorporates easily with the Solar Xtreme lights, simple instructions, easy to use, and has great effects on trichome production & quality

SolarSystem® UVB
David O'Leary
UVB over UVA 100%!

AMAZING! Iv been using UVA lights from a well known reputable light company since most info says UVA is safer and there is really no difference between UVA and UVB when it comes to using it on cannabis. This idea is also backed up by the fact that almost all light companies offer UVA supplemental lights not UVB. After over a year with UVA lights with no big improvement I finally gave in to that nagging thought I had about UVB being better since I began researching UV and my mind was made up within 24 hours! UVB is 100% the way to go! I noticed an increase in not only trichomes but in smell! I literally NEVER write reviews but after wondering for so long about UVA/UVB I had to share my experience to help anyone else from having to wonder between the too, its UVB all the way!

SolarSystem® 275
joseph martinez

SolarSystem® 275

SolarSystem® Controller

Solar Sytem

Good light good controller I own 8 of these 550’s only thing I dislike is the cord is the short

SolarXtreme® 500
Brian Epperley
Loving every bit of this light!!!

I am very pleased with this product!!! Great results, does everything described. Stays nice and cool. Took my grow to a new level!! Definitely recommend! However I ordered a UVB light and haven't received it......appears to have been lost...hope to get a replacement!

SolarXtreme® 250
Cambria Roberts
Super bright

Just received my new light plugged it in it's extremely bright as advertised came packaged extremely well with box in box packaging really impressed by that really impressed by the build of the light appearance overall is great will write another review after I get it hooked up and see how my plants are adjusting to it

SolarSystem® UVB Kit

SolarSystem® Controller
William Struloeff
6weeks in

Got the solar system 550 commercial series the Girlz have adjusted nicely and are 3 weeks out before first run is completed. I’m impressed. 5stars!!

Love it

I absolutely love my uvb kit and if your on the fence about getting it don't be just buy it lol I'm not a robot either a real dude with a real review another thing to keep in mind the uvb that is made in led form hardly reads on a par meter you should watch the YouTube videos on the subject makes perfect sense