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Quality product.

Well made, UVB kit fits my SS550 perfectly. Easy installation, can't wait to see the results.

SolarSystem® UVB
Scott Hall
Added edge

It was a good sale, so why not give it a try? Received it just at the end of a mephisto run. I hung it about a foot and a half above the plants and ran it an hour or two for two weeks. Stinky and greasiest batch yet. Well built and cheap to run. I'm with another reviewer, missing something from my LED lights and this was it.

Amazing light

Amazing lights. I use it for growing lettuce and other vegetable in my condo.

What a great light and company.

REFURBISHED SOLARXTREME® 500 I am running one Refurbished and one Solarxtreme 500 that is not refurbished. You can't tell the different between the two. These lights are the best on the market, I am also running an older 600 watt. Led light. My grow room is 4' X 8' and i grow Hydro. My last crop that I just harvested two weeks ago, My lowest yield was 400 grams on one plant, 450 grams on one, and 552 grams on one.. Best yield was 602 grams on my best Lady. Thats 71.4 oz thats almost 4.5 lbs in one grow Unbelievable I was impressed If you have any question about these lights look at the results.
I have been cultivating for 35 to 40 years so i have used all kinds of lights, these are by far the BEST!!!! Thanks California Light Works customer for life.

By far Best light I've used

Calights have been by far the best I've used. I've tried other brand lights and have always notice the difference in yield , growth and overall plant health, not only is it affordable it truly does its Job. This is the perfect light for a small batch home grower, they also got bigger if you wanna run a much bigger grow...

Great Light

Love the SolarXtreme 500 light and the style. I hooked it up and I was able to see a difference with my plants by day 3. The only negative thing I can say is the light runs a lil hot but I made some adjustments to my fans and vents then everything was back to normal. All and all great light and I will buy another one when its time.

Difference Maker

Great light. Had two different lights and the grows weren't even comparable. The difference was so great that I bought a second light. Would recommend this light to everyone that wants bigger , denser grows . With the programmable controller for the lights you can have total control of your grow.
To me personally this model 1100 is the best . Use it in 5x5 tent and can't stop plants from reaching lights height of 7feet . It truly is a difference maker .

Great lights for cannabis 2x2 area

Can't beat these lights for a 2x2 area.

SolarXtreme® 500
Neil Sturge
Great product

Exellent so far

Refurbished 1000

The light is extreme compared to what I was using, embarrassed to say 400hps. I water my sunglasses now in growroom. Awesome light will be purchasing from you guys again.

SolarXtreme® 500
Eric Halling

To early to tell. Not enough time.

SolarXtreme® 250
travis alexander
Perfect for a 4x4 tent

I use this light to grab 3 auto flowers at 1 time and the light is the perfect size.

My plants are vegging thick and healthy.

My tent loves these lights!!

I have a solar extreme 250 and 500. The 250 is in a 2x2 tent and within days of installing it my plant BLEW THE HECK UP!!!!! The 500 is in a 18 inch by 4 foot styrofoam reflective box with an open top running hydros. AMAZING. I was a little disappointed that the refurbished was the older model because I would really excited about seeing the new tweeks, I bet they are awesome. But the price can’t be beat and the older model is light years above anything I have grown with before, COB or ION board. Go ahead and get you some!

SolarSystem® 550
Penny Robbins
Solar 550 lights

These lights are amazing. Plants respond very well. I recommend 100%

refurbished solarxtreme 1000

great light !! called customer service with questions and they were great too !! win !! win !! thanks California Light Works !! 😎✌️

Refurbished SolarXtreme® 250

Honestly just wish it came with a system to put it up. Otherwise its a great light

I got it and it worked so that’s good

SolarSystem® UVB
I was skeptical but I was wrong

Being an old fart we used to get plenty of UV from MH & HPS lights but after 50 years made the leap to LEDs I was skeptical but the results don’t lie but I knew something was still missing this UV light filled that gap there is much more “sticky stuff” on the finished plants..

SolarSystem® UVB
kevin snowden
Amazing results immediately 👍👍👍

This UVB was the one piece that was missing in my garden. It arrived during the last weeks of bloom and what a difference it made in trichome production. It works so good, that I purchased two more with the Solarsystem 1100. Excellent light 👍👍👍

Extreme 500 supplemental light

These lights are top notch, I highly recommend ! Built extremely well... using them as supplemental lighting for veggies and they are working as advertised; within a week I could see the change in my plants. If the first week is an indicator of what to expect, the winter months in the Ghouse are going to be exceptional.

SolarSystem® UVB Kit

Just what the doctor ordered perfect doing exactly what their design didn't do I'm very happy with them

Refurbished SolarXtreme® 1000

I like being able to adjust the lights for the different growth of the plants

Great lights

These 275 are giving me big fat smelly intense buds, and I’m so happy with energy consumption and quality of end result. I have 250 series for veg and 275 on controller for flower . Total lights 9. Really working well.