SolarSystem® Controller
SolarSystem® Controller
SolarSystem® Controller
SolarSystem® Controller
SolarSystem® Controller

SolarSystem® Controller

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Warranty period for SolarSystem® series: 5 years from date of purchase

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The SolarSystem controller works only with the California LightWorks SolarSystem 1100, 550, and 275. It can control an unlimited number of lights from a single controller. It allows automated programming for spectrum control, 24-hour timer, and day/week/month calendar. Now it is possible to program an entire grow cycle automatically – varying the spectrum, the length of the day, transitions from veg to bloom, final finishing modes, sunrise/sunset – all in a low cost easy to program digital controller.

The SolarSystem Controller features programmable 0% to 99% spectrum control over three spectrum ranges – Blue, White and Red. You can use the controller in manual mode only to adjust the light spectrum or use the digital clock and calendar to run custom light recipes over a day, week, month or entire season. Programs can be saved for specific crops or strains. You can also use the view mode to work in natural white light and then switch back to high power reds and blues for accelerated growth.

Seedling  – R39 W49 B99

Veg – R50 W99 B99

Pre-Flower – R99 W99 B50

Flower – R99 W99 B40

Finishing – R39 W99 B99

SolarSystem® Controller Features

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Sean Heal
Just what I needed!

I really love being able to have control of different light spectrums this is perfect for me to dial it right in! So easy to use and make your own unique schedules. I definitely recommend!!

Cody Selina
This controller is a must have for use together with California Lightworks Solar System LED lights

This controller allows you to set your light schedule on / off times, adjust the light spectrum produced for the plants, set programs for various stages of grow cycles, and more.

Without the controller the lights will run at full power and you won't be able to adjust the on / off times or adjust the light spectrum for the plants.

If you're going to spend the money on these awesome lights you should spend the cash for the controller also or you will be limiting the ability / potential of these lights.

Craig Toombs
Controller Review

The controller is an amazing component which allows for a very versatile grow operation. The only thing is the amount of green light the controller itself emits. There have been many studies done on green light during bloom cycles with mixed results. It would be nice if the controller could dim the green light it emits or just have a sleep cycle if the controller is not in use and is running through the programs as expected. I have covered the controller with a piece of cardboard to eliminate the green light, otherwise the controller with the solar system is the way to go; absolutely love the solar system LED lights. I previously purchased the Solar Extreme and have used this for mulitple grows, the light continues to emit light as expected and this is after 5 years! Great, high quality products, wouldnt purchase a light from anywhere else. Keep up the great work CA Lightworks!!

Johnny Franklin
Solar system controller

Must Have,Awesome addition to an awesome light

Mike Honcho
Game Changer

I'm a new grower. I grew 1 plant last year with an LED grow light from the hardware store. It actually did okay considering. I finally am now retired and just bought a bug chunk of land in the woods. I decided I wanted to grow to self sustain for the wife and I.... Well that lasted about a second and has now turned into 50 plants. I bought the Solar system series with the two 1150s and the single 550 and two sets of each. I noticed a wonderful change in my plants but the more I read I began to understand the importance of colors. So I then ordered the controller which I've now had for 9 days. Since I removed a lot of the red light my plants are now growing 6 inches a day. Its unbelievable that that light could make that much difference. The controller is just the best as well. Makes life soooo much simpler. Needs a blue tooth option to kill it when I hear low flying planes and helicopters in the area!!! Lol... However I do have one problem and I don't know that this will get me any help either . But as I said earlier I just bought a place so in the midst of moving. I lost one of my daisy chain communication cables for the controller. Was hoping a regular phone cord would work but wasn't so lucky. Anyway enough wining. California Lights are the best on the market I dont care what anyone says. You wont make me believe anything otherwise. They will continue to get my business as I grow.

Newbie trying it out

This is our first use of a light controller. So far so good.

I would say its not entirely intuitive, and honestly haven't figured it out in its entirety. I've heard the youtube video helps a ton on that, just haven't had the chance to dig into it too far.

I do like it, lights run much warmer than our others which has required some adjustment.

Manuel Silveira
Best controller

Best controller out there and it works with the new lamp also

Dennis Palwick
Great Compant

I was gifted a 1100 solar system light with the controller. There was problems with the controller. CLW worked with me to try & fix it, but it didn't work. I received a discount & purchased a new one. No more problems. Thanks CLW.

Essential Component. Endless Possibilities (f you want light spectrum info)

Otherwise YouTube search: California Light Works for videos on how to program the controller.

The controller has a book with recommended settings. Has a 14' rj11 and a 6-7' for chain. Fourteen footer allowed a comfortable mount outside tent. Each light has a chain cable in its box. Don't forget to switch lights to controller mode.

Tested OK, then programmed the entire 1st grow for new setup before hanging lights. Also typed file w/RWB, hanging height settings and special actions during each phase. Times and such are user preferences. Too bad there is no book of light spectrums and grow requirements around the world. This puppy can mimic it!

The Controller is essential to your grow. Get over inferior LEDs blue,pink,red channels.

Robert Lee Hinojosa

Easy to program and so awesome!! Great controller and light.