SolarSystem® Controller
SolarSystem® Controller
SolarSystem® Controller
SolarSystem® Controller
SolarSystem® Controller

SolarSystem® Controller

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California LightWorks warrants that all our grow lights will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period.
Warranty period for SolarSystem® series: 5 years from date of purchase

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We also offer a full satisfaction 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on all our products.

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The SolarSystem controller works only with the California LightWorks SolarSystem 1100, 550, and 275. It can control an unlimited number of lights from a single controller. It allows automated programming for spectrum control, 24-hour timer, and day/week/month calendar. Now it is possible to program an entire grow cycle automatically – varying the spectrum, the length of the day, transitions from veg to bloom, final finishing modes, sunrise/sunset – all in a low cost easy to program digital controller.

The SolarSystem Controller features programmable 0% to 99% spectrum control over three spectrum ranges – Blue, White and Red. You can use the controller in manual mode only to adjust the light spectrum or use the digital clock and calendar to run custom light recipes over a day, week, month or entire season. Programs can be saved for specific crops or strains. You can also use the view mode to work in natural white light and then switch back to high power reds and blues for accelerated growth.

Seedling  – R39 W49 B99

Veg – R50 W99 B99

Pre-Flower – R99 W99 B50

Flower – R99 W99 B40

Finishing – R39 W99 B99

SolarSystem® Controller Features

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews

No problems. Well worth the purchase.

Lyle McCloud
Awesome product

This controller does everything you want it to and more. Very easy to program.

Philip Tyl

I like being able to adjust the lights for the different growth of the plants

Good product.

Works amazing does what I want it to do. It was packaged very nicely and arrived in a timely manner.

Previous review

Great lights.. I own a couple different brands. California lightworks is a great product. And they also back it with a 5 year warranty.. I hope nobody pays attention to that bozo trying to talk down this product and reference automated grow boxes.. people dont grow in grow boxes dude. Find a way to get better at growing instead of bashing a good product for no reason… the controller is the key to success with these lights. I’m almost ready for a new solar system!

The key to the system

The controller is what unleashes the Solar System. The ability to change spectrums through seedlings, veg, flower, finish, and the transitions in between is something that I never thought would be possible as a HPS grower. The view button, to view your girls under white light only is fantastic. And the sunrise and sunset feature is great. This is truly next generation stuff!! I own two of them.

Very Efficient Light

After getting a very high electric bill I knew I needed to surrender my 600 watt cmh and get going with LED.
I looked around and decided to invest in a solar system 275 as a replacement. I would say the 275 is about as bright as the CMH less about 10% but the electric bill is drastically lower! Honestly the ROI for me should be about a month. Hope they do a 30% off sale soon so I can purchase 4 more off these things! Great light solid investment you can’t go wrong here.

Patrick Riley
The brains of my artificial sun.

This controller makes indoor lighting so much better with the tweak ability of spectrums. Plus sunrises and sunsets make your growing so much happier and more natural. Thanks so much CLW.

Paul Pressler
Noting compares to this

Well I really loved my first one so much that I bought a second one with my refurbished light it's doing wonderful for me I'm not the best at setting it yet but there's lots of room to grow haha!! I have look at a hole lot of lights but I have seen any with a controller that will do any thing like this it's well worth the money don't be cheap and settle for any thing less it does make a difference everybody keep ur grow on have a good day thanks California lightning Paul

James Ahearn
Finally Got It

I watch a vido 60 times didn't mined . But got it done. Want to get better though. But works great.Very pleased. Thanks.