MegaDrive™ Lighting Technology

Discover unparalleled results with our patented technology that reduces both upfront and operating costs while providing dynamic spectrum control and automatic sunlight balancing.

Reduce Fixture Cost

Central power supply removes drivers from light fixtures, reducing cost by up to 30%. 

Reduced Installation Cost

Eliminating power drops over the canopy reduces installation costs by up to 80%.

Reduced Shadow Effect 

Slim linear light design and central power supply reduce shadowing.

Variable Light Spectrum

Two channel programmable spectrum control gives the best spectrum and intensity for all phases of growth and all types of crops.

Multiple Control Options

Choice of hardwired touch screen controller, wireless Bluetooth controller, and third party environmental controllers.

Optimal Light Levels

Light sensor option offers sunlight balancing and the best light levels under all conditions.

Lowest Energy Consumption

Latest generation Osram LEDs and high efficiency central power supply maximize light output with minimum energy consumption.

Award Winning Support

Designed and manufactured in California with industry-leading light design and support.

Take Control Of Your Grow Operation

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