Refurbished SolarXtreme®  250
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  250
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  250
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  250
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  250
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  250
Refurbished SolarXtreme®  250

Refurbished SolarXtreme® 250

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California LightWorks warrants that all our grow lights will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period.
Warranty period for SolarSystem® series: 5 years from date of purchase

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We also offer a full satisfaction 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on all our products.

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We have a small stock of these older generation SolarXtreme fixtures that we are offering as refurbished for a significant discount.  These are new units but use the older generation direct AC COBs that we have discontinued earlier in 2022.  These come with the same 3-year warranty as the latest generation SolarXtremes. 

The lights works the same way.  They are easy-to-use full-spectrum LED grow lights designed especially for grow tents and smaller-scale home growing. 

This SolarXtreme 250 covers and area of around 4-6 square feet and it's a great light for the price.

These are a more practical, safer alternative to small 250W HPS or MH type lights.  Priced much lower than typical LEDs, these fixtures puts out a full spectrum suitable for all phases of growth without the need for adjusting.

These horticultural LED lights suit different types of growing operations. If you’re looking for full-spectrum LED lights to use indoors, this is a great solution for you.

The SolarXtreme draws 200 watts with a maximum current of 1.6 amps at 120 volts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Eugene Gonzalez

A sturdy bright grow light that is perfect for a 3×3 area. Glad I made this purchase and thank you to all the people who made this possible.

Refurb Solar Extreme

I am happy with the light, it does the job and the price is great. I will say that I have the old school Solar Flares for around around 10 years now and they run cooler, quieter and fantastic for Veg. They are still working as good as the day I purchased them. Very high quality. Hope the Solar Extreme holds up as well. California Lightworks is a really good company to work with.

Travis Alexander
Great Light, But.

I have purchased 3 of these lights.
1 new and 2 refurbished.
I have 2 lights with a whiter or more blue visible light.
I also have 1 that give a more visibly red light.
Not sure if it makes a difference but my plants seem to grow 9knfor now.

Indoor plant starts

I’ve been using t-5 high bay lights to start my plants indoors, but my selves are spaced for 18” height from the bulbs to the 10” x 20” flats; so I needed lights to grow on after the plants grow a bit. These lights seem to be working ok, actually I had mature lettuce in five weeks. Future successions will go out side, but it’s nice to be eating lettuce in mid March.


Great light, plants happy. This runs very hot though - plan accordingly with circulation and cooler inflow air

vegie starts

all plants happy & healthy, A built in timer or option for external timer would be great. good light for the money.

Edward Walters
Awesome light

Definitely satisfied with this light. The full spectrum really hits and penetrates the canopy.

Amazing light

Amazing lights. I use it for growing lettuce and other vegetable in my condo.

Dave Johnson
Great lights for cannabis 2x2 area

Can't beat these lights for a 2x2 area.

My tent loves these lights!!

I have a solar extreme 250 and 500. The 250 is in a 2x2 tent and within days of installing it my plant BLEW THE HECK UP!!!!! The 500 is in a 18 inch by 4 foot styrofoam reflective box with an open top running hydros. AMAZING. I was a little disappointed that the refurbished was the older model because I would really excited about seeing the new tweeks, I bet they are awesome. But the price can’t be beat and the older model is light years above anything I have grown with before, COB or ION board. Go ahead and get you some!